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We have around 25 years of experience in the small appliance and major appliance industries. We provide services for both warranty and non warranty appliances. All our service technicians are factory trained and highly qualified by the manufacturers that we represent.

Dishwasher installation and repairs

All the kitchen and non kitchen appliance are authorized service agents for many leading brands which includes Carimali, Miele, LG, Boema, Phillips, Westinghouse, bezzera, Ilye, Saeco, VBM, pro-form, Boema, Compaq, Haier, SONY, Whirlpool, TOSHIBA, Panasonic, Samsung, BOSCH, Toshiba etc. If you can cook we will do the service for you. For your home appliance we repair, service and provide spare parts for small appliances such as all appliance repairs for all induction, electric cooktops and domestic gas.

Appliance Repair

Our service experience is of high quality. We do it on all our business premises. There is no need to book for appointment. Come and drop your appliance off and have all of them repaired and serviced by us.

Appliance repairs pride themselves on their prompt and personal service. Our mobile service vans provide a high quality service experience, at your home or business. We have created a culture of excellence; we are committed to constantly evolving, investing in our people and improving our processes for handling consumer’s needs. We continuously take feedback from our customers on how we are doing and what we can do to get better and better to lower the effort they had to extend to reach resolution. Our commitment will continue to adapt and evolve to the changing consumer needs.

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